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We are aiming to be nominated from companies around the world

We consider the inspection of our production to be the most important part of our business since it is the key to successful mass production. Our classification and analysis of the defects gives us further improvement of our products and eliminates defects.
Our staff training lets us analyze the best placement depending on what they are good at and improves their skills to provide a high quality product.

Company Profile

Company Name Plot Work Co., Ltd.
Established November 1996
Capital ¥ 10,000,000
Number of Employees 30 people
Average age 30 years old
Business Plastic
@Prototype / Sample design to pre-manufacture model
@Various gear / Manufacturing and Measuring
@u casting
@3D Printing
@Plastic resin processing / Post processing
@Surface plating, printing and painting
@Production of spare parts

@Prototype with aluminum or other material
@Die-cast aluminum
@Three-dimensional metal machining
@Stamping mold / progressive to single die
@Small lot demo production

Metal die
@Various metal machining / prototype to mass production
@Metal stamping / prototype to mass production
@Stamping die / progressive to single die
@Polishing and other surface finish

@Jig / inspection, prototype to mass production
@CADECAM data service
@Measurement service
@Design service

Representative President and CEO Tsunenoshin Tamura
Address Minamiterakata Minamidori 1-5-26
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Phone +81-6-6993-6361
Fax +81-6-6993-6362
Web site Webseite auf Deutsch
Plastic Processing
Metal Machining
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Phone	+81-6-6993-6361



List of equipment
Machine Model Size Number Note
machining center 600*600 9 Aichi Factory (2)
Large machining center 600*1000 3
3-axis machining center
(MAZAK Inc.)
550*1050 1
5-axis machining center
(DMG Inc.)
500 1
5-axis machining center
(DMG Inc.)
650 1
Drilling Robot 400*700 4
Lathe Can be processed up to160 1
3D-CAD 3
Carving machine 3
Milling machine 1
Drilling machine 2
Lifting board 2
Blasting machine 400*500 1
Casting machine 1
Thermostatic machine 4
measuring instrument
Three-dimensional image
measuring instrument
Microscope 1


List of precision measuring instruments

CAD/CAM 3D Tascal X (3D High spec viewer)
Quick Scope image
(CNC, AF,proof ring)
Drive system CNC
Measurement range 200 X 200 X 100 immj
Measurement units Reflective linear encoder
Image detection system High sensitivity CCD color camera
The amount of the minimum display 0.5m
Measurement accuracy Axis XY (2.5 +6 L/1000) m
Axis Z (5 +6 L/1000) m
Driving speed 50mm / s maximum
Stereo zoom microscope
(X • Y stage tool)
+ Digimatic
Micrometer head X2
Total magnification 10x (23 mm) ~ 44x (5.2 mm)
Working distance 90mm
Work height can be observed 130mm
Measurement range 25.0 X 25.0 (mm)
Measurement accuracy 0.001mm
@ Measuring range (mm) Best measurement capability (mm)
Digimatic caliper 200 0.001
300 0.001
600 0.001
Dial caliper 150 0.02
Digimatic micrometer 25 0.001
@ 50 0.001
Digital point
25 0.001
Inside type micrometer
30 0.001
Digimatic indicator 25 0.001
Dial test indicator
300 --------
Pin gauge 0.05`1.00
Ceramic block gauge 32 0.005


Phone	+81-6-6993-6361